Kinan Azmeh’s CityBand to Grace Newport Classical Community Concert

by Madonna

Newport Classical is delighted to unveil an upcoming, complimentary Community Concert spotlighting the remarkable Kinan Azmeh’s CityBand. Comprising Kinan Azmeh on clarinet, Kyle Sanna on guitar, Josh Myers on bass, and Shane Shanahan on drums, this ensemble has garnered acclaim for their virtuosic prowess and electrifying performances.

The CityBand’s distinguishing character emerges from their deft fusion of classical melodies, jazz undertones, and the evocative strains of Syria, Kinan Azmeh’s homeland. A cornerstone of the New York musical landscape, Kinan Azmeh’s clarinet artistry harmoniously intertwines with Kyle Sanna’s rustic guitar strains, soaring in harmonious interplay over the captivating canvas painted by Shane Shanahan’s dynamic and temperamental percussion, complemented by Josh Myers’ resonating double bass.


What renders this ensemble particularly captivating is the tapestry of diverse backgrounds each member brings, each contributing their unique virtuosity, resulting in a concert experience that resonates deeply and rewards listeners with a profoundly enriching sonic journey.


At the heart of Newport’s cultural scene, Newport Classical stands as a preeminent beacon, inviting individuals of every age, culture, and walk of life to partake in intimate, immersive musical sojourns. Renowned for curating performances featuring both internationally acclaimed maestros and rising stars, the organization transforms Newport, a coveted global hub for culture and recreation, into a stage for unforgettable musical moments.


Prepare to be transported by the harmonious artistry of Kinan Azmeh’s CityBand as they grace the Newport Classical Community Concert, where musical boundaries blur and creative expression knows no limits.


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