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Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts Showcases Amir Hoshang Farsi on Flute and Yun Janice Lu on Piano

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Chicago’s classical music scene proudly presents the esteemed Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts—a reverent homage to musical brilliance. This cherished weekly concert series stands as a testament to the extraordinary talents of emerging artists. Held at the sublime Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist, Chicago, nestled at 55 E. Wacker, these performances unveil the timeless allure of classical compositions.

Amidst a setting of refined grandeur, patrons are invited to partake in person, basking in the melodic tapestry, with the option of donning face masks as per their preference. Alternatively, for those seeking a virtual rendezvous with musical elegance, the option to indulge from the cocoon of one’s abode is warmly extended.

Mark your calendars and immerse yourself in the auditory realm on August 30 at 12:15 pm. The spotlight of the occasion shall grace the accomplished flutist Amir Hoshang Farsi, accompanied by the virtuosic pianist Yun Janice Lu. This musical odyssey promises renditions from the esteemed works of Samuel Barber, Charles T. Griffes, William Grant Still, and Lowell Liebermann. It’s an encounter with auditory finesse that aficionados won’t want to miss. Whether opting for a physical presence that resonates with the rich acoustics of the venue or electing to revel in the harmonious strains from the comforts of home, Classical Music Chicago extends an open invitation to experience the allure of these exquisite compositions.

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