Lewis Barfoot: A Soulful Journey through Contemporary Folk

by Madonna

Lewis Barfoot, a contemporary folk luminary hailing from Cork, has been captivating audiences with her mellifluous voice—a melodic gift that, according to Folk Radio UK, possesses the power to “Melt the Hearts of Angels.” Stepping onto the stage at Anteros for her debut performance on September 7th, she embarks on the next chapter of her artistic voyage as part of her eagerly awaited HOME UK tour, showcasing her latest album.

Unveiling her innermost thoughts with a fearless and unguarded honesty, Barfoot’s lyrics are woven with an enchanting grace, accompanied by a sound that effortlessly melds original compositions with fresh interpretations of traditional songs. As she graces the Anteros stage, she’ll be accompanied by her formidable bandmates: Gabriel Buffa, the clarinet and bass clarinet virtuoso, and Jordi Sanchez Campanario, the master of ukulele and percussion. Together, they forge a musical tapestry that resonates deeply with listeners, touching the very essence of the soul.

Barfoot’s journey in the realm of music culminated in 2021 with the release of her debut album, “Glenaphuca.” This musical gem garnered resounding acclaim, drawing attention from prestigious platforms including RTÉ 1, FRUK, BBC Radio Ulster, and RTÉ na Gaeltachta.

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