Joyous Reception for Sibu’s Young Violin World Champion

by Madonna

Imran Azim Iskandar, a remarkable Form 5 student who brought pride to Sarawak and Malaysia by clinching victory at the World Championship of Performing Arts in the United States, was met with a heartfelt welcome at Sibu airport.

Amidst a cheerful atmosphere, Imran Azim was warmly received by Bukit Assek assemblyman Joseph Chieng, his school principal Abdul Rahman, and his family members.


During the event held in Anaheim, California, Imran Azim emerged as a world champion in the classical category for violin, showcasing his exceptional talent on the global stage. Impressively, he secured not only the gold medal in the classical category but also earned silver medals in both the contemporary and original works categories.


Additionally, his achievements extended to the jazz and open categories, where he earned well-deserved bronze medals.


Joseph Chieng expressed, “We are now aware that Sarawakians can become world champions as long as we are dedicated to learning, studying, and training diligently.”

Recognizing Imran’s accomplishment as an inspiration for other young individuals, Chieng pledged to reward him for his remarkable achievements. He referred to Imran as a role model, one who signifies the potential for greatness through dedication and hard work.

“I will personally visit Imran’s school, SMK Bukit Assek, to announce the incentives from my side,” shared Chieng, emphasizing his commitment to acknowledging and supporting the burgeoning talents of the region.


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