Camerata Pacifica to Spotlight Artists in Chamber Works for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano

by Madonna

An intricate blend of artistic genius and inspiration takes center stage in Camerata Pacifica’s November program, showcasing a trio of captivating compositions. The program commences with Paul Dean’s ingenious “Suite for Clarinet and Cello,” a creation that pays homage to musical luminaries. Dean’s suite, composed in 2019, masterfully weaves tributes to Sergei Prokofiev, Gustav Holst, and the spirited world of Vaudeville.

The journey continues with Ginastera’s dynamic “Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 49,” an impassioned and virtuosic piece rooted in the rhythms of Argentine folk music. The composition, penned in 1979 for the gifted cellist Aurora Natola, Gingastera’s wife, resonates with fiery spirit and grandeur.


The program culminates with Brahms’ poignant “Clarinet Trio in A Minor, Op. 114,” a work of profound emotion. Composed in 1891, shortly after Brahms declared his retirement, the piece was inspired by the exceptional clarinetist Richard Mühlfeld. This creation marked Brahms’ return to composing, highlighting the depth of his musical connection.


Leading the musical journey are three virtuoso artists: Jose Franch-Ballester, Camerata Pacifica’s Principal Clarinet, acclaimed for his “poetic eloquence”; Ani Aznavoorian, Principal Cello, celebrated for her emotionally charged performances; and award-winning Principal Piano, Irina Zahharenkova.


Camerata Pacifica will stage this captivating program at four esteemed Southern California venues: The Huntington’s Rothenberg Hall in San Marino on November 7, Zipper Hall in Downtown Los Angeles on November 9, Hahn Hall at Santa Barbara’s Music Academy on November 10, and Thousand Oaks’ Janet and Ray Scherr Forum on November 12, 2023.

Recognized as a pioneering chamber ensemble, Camerata Pacifica has garnered praise for its innovation and daring performances. The ensemble boasts a notable portfolio of commissions, including works from esteemed composers such as John Harbison, Jake Heggie, Huang Ruo, and more. With a genuine rapport with audiences, Camerata Pacifica brings vibrancy and context to its musical interpretations.

Founded by Artistic Director Adrian Spence, a celebrated flautist known for his unflagging energy and artistic insight, Camerata Pacifica upholds a commitment to both exceptional musicianship and community engagement. In addition to its prolific performance schedule, the ensemble’s contributions extend to community service, including the creation of The Nightingale Channel in collaboration with UCLA Health. This initiative employs the healing power of music, delivering performances from Camerata Pacifica’s video library to patients’ bedside iPads in various hospitals across the country.


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