Saxophonist’s Journey: From Nassau County Fan to Center Stage on Jonas Brothers Tour

by Madonna

NASSAU COUNTY, NY — A story that defies odds and underscores the power of dreams is currently unfolding in the world of music. A local talent, whose journey began as a wide-eyed 12-year-old attending a Jonas Brothers concert at Nassau Coliseum, now finds herself center stage, captivating sold-out audiences with her saxophone prowess during the Jonas Brothers’ global tour.

The remarkable trajectory of this 27-year-old singer and songwriter, hailing from Nassau County on Long Island, is one that even she could not have fathomed. Reflecting on her early experiences, she revealed, “I didn’t have a role model like that growing up. I didn’t see somebody like me doing that.” Now, as life has come full circle, she marveled, “So now the fact that it’s really, truly come full circle is insane.”


A pivotal figure in the rising star’s journey was her attendance at her inaugural concert, the Jonas Brothers, all those years ago. Fast forward fifteen years, and she now graces the same stage as those once-idolized brothers, leaving crowds awestruck with her saxophone performances.


Presently, this prodigious musician traverses stadiums across the nation as the featured soloist on the Jonas Brothers’ world tour, aptly named “The Tour.” Beyond her mastery of the saxophone, she lends her skills to the flute and exudes her artistic flair through dance – an array of talents that resonates with audiences on a grand scale.


No stranger to performing, having already made a name for herself with her band Enrose, which released its inaugural EP in early 2022, she is well-acquainted with the spotlight. Yet, her current audiences are exponentially larger, elevating her to a new echelon of recognition. “It’s the biggest gig that I’ve ever had,” she affirms.

The manner in which she landed this unparalleled opportunity is a narrative that seems plucked from the realm of dreams. In late June 2023, amid a concurrent tour with the alternative rock ensemble Bilmuri, she received a fateful call from renowned music producer Chase Foster. Known for collaborations with luminaries such as Lizzo, Dan and Shay, and Kelsea Ballerini, Foster extended an offer that required no audition – the role was hers.

Elaborating on the whirlwind turn of events, she shared, “So it all happened really, really fast. Just getting the call and being told, ‘the gig is yours if you want it, you’re perfect for this,’ it just felt amazing.”

The rapid ascension of this Long Island native to the international stage comes as no surprise to those who glimpsed her burgeoning talents in childhood. Enamored by the world of music, she embraced her first violin at age 9, swiftly followed by the saxophone a year later. She reminisces about her multifaceted pursuits, saying, “I was the kind of kid that wanted to get involved in everything, band, chorus, dancer, athlete, student government. I was just really into anything that would give me artistic freedom in any which way.”

Ultimately, her affinity for the saxophone took root, influenced by her father’s penchant for artists like David Sanborn, Kenny G, and Steely Dan. “I knew I liked the sound of it,” she recalls, “And my mom says that I really liked the way it looked.”

Fast forward to the summer of 2023, and she finds herself touring with one of the most iconic pop-rock bands of all time, with engagements scheduled through early December and an international leg set for February 2024.

Capturing her sense of awe, she recently posted on Instagram, “HOW IS THIS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW?!” alongside an image of her sharing the stage with Kevin Jonas.

In the lead-up to her debut on the tour, intensive rehearsals occupied her days, as she diligently committed her parts, choreography, and stage maneuvers to memory. Amidst these preparations, she continued crafting Enrose’s latest single, “Tattoo.”

Then, on August 12, a milestone was reached as she took the stage at Yankee Stadium for the first of two sold-out performances. With her signature red hair and a black and gold saxophone, she delivered her music to an audience of nearly 50,000 fervent fans. Reflecting on this momentous occasion, she candidly shares, “The nerves were pretty high. I had to get through the first show to feel like, okay, now we’re really going with this. By the second show, I think everybody felt a lot more comfortable.”

For this talented artist, her journey resonates as a triumph not only for herself but for girls with aspirations as audacious as her own. She observes, “I feel like just judging from the conversations that I had and the reactions that I saw from people, I know that it got other people really, really excited and that made me feel very proud.”

Amidst the whirlwind of tours and performances, her nights are spent resting on a tour bus or in hotel rooms, punctuated by a schedule featuring three to five shows per week. And as for the Jonas Brothers themselves, they earn praise from Rose as “so kind and down to earth,” a sentiment reinforced when they took the time to meet her family.

With her shift from an avid listener to a dynamic performer, Rose has developed a renewed appreciation for the Jonas Brothers’ music. “Now I’m experiencing it as a peer, from a different perspective as a musician, as a songwriter myself, and watching them perform and watching them during rehearsals,” she muses. “I just have so much respect for them and the band that Chase Foster put together alongside the brothers.”

Addressing the resurgence of the saxophone in popular culture, Rose attributes its enduring appeal to its capacity to emulate the human voice, offering a unique quality that resonates deeply. She articulates, “I feel like the saxophone mimics the human voice in a way that other instruments can’t, so I think that’s why it’s coming back. I think it’s really palatable. And it’s just a badass instrument.”

As Rose continues to captivate global audiences and make her indelible mark on the Jonas Brothers’ tour, her journey stands as an inspiring testament to the extraordinary heights attainable through dedication, talent, and the courage to pursue audacious dreams.


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