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Riverbend Flute & Saxophone Festival Enhances Musical Offerings with Saxophone Addition

by Madonna

As anticipation hums in the air, the sixth annual Riverbend Flute & Saxophone Festival gears up to grace the local scene with a harmonious celebration of woodwind brilliance this weekend.

A transformation from its earlier avatar, the Riverbend Flute Festival, this year’s edition promises an even richer symphony with the incorporation of the soulful saxophones.

The inaugural cadence resonates with a free public concert scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday at The Capitol Theater, located at 211 N. Third St. The spotlight of the evening will rest on the Power Duo, a virtuosic duo comprised of a talented husband and wife duo specializing in flute and saxophone performances. The enchanting harmonies they craft are set to captivate attendees. The doors are wide open for all to partake in this auditory feast.

While the melodies weave their magic, attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in a silent auction, the proceeds of which will be an instrumental lifeline for the festival itself.

Any surplus generated from this musical affair will find its purposeful course directed towards the Future Flutist Youth Scholarship fund. This noble fund extends its embrace to aspiring musicians, easing their journey by assisting with instrument costs, repairs, summer camp expenses, and invaluable lessons. Worthily, saxophones shall also find their place within the folds of this scholarship program.

The sun will dawn on Saturday with the festival blooming into an entire day of joy and enlightenment. From 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Southeastern Community College in West Burlington will be the backdrop for a panorama of workshops, faculty performances, and a resplendent crescendo in the form of a flute and saxophone choir as the finale draws near.

The stage will not be exclusive to seasoned players; it will also be a fertile ground for students from elementary, junior high, and high schools who will engage in a spirited competition. As the final notes resonate, laurels will be bestowed upon outstanding performances, a testament to the dedication these young musicians bring to their craft.

Building upon the resounding success of its preceding iterations, the Riverbend Flute & Saxophone Festival remains an oasis for talents hailing from the tri-state region. It’s a platform that fosters connections, nurtures growth, and weaves a tapestry of shared musical camaraderie.

The harmonious inclusion of saxophones in this festival’s repertoire paves fresh avenues of exploration and collaboration, enriching both flutists and saxophonists alike.

Karen Weirather, a distinguished flute instructor rooted in Hamilton, Illinois, instigated this festival with a noble vision to provide affordable and accessible avenues for musicians nestled in rural landscapes.

The festival’s expansion to encompass saxophones echoes Weirather’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the musical tapestry of the community.

“Saxophones and flutes share an intimate connection in their woodwind essence and comparable fingerings, making the incorporation a natural progression,” Weirather shared in a prior conversation with the Daily Gate City. “In fact, educators frequently encourage flutists to delve into the realm of saxophones for the realm of jazz ensembles.”

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