GoFundMe provides medical bills for Trey Anastasio Band saxophonist James Casey’s cancer

by Madonna

A heartfelt outpouring of support has rallied around James Casey, a tenacious saxophonist recognized for his musical contributions to Trey Anastasio Band and beyond. Facing the arduous fight against late-stage colon cancer since 2021, Casey’s enduring courage has served as an inspiring beacon, even as he graced the stage alongside luminaries like Phish’s guitarist and Phil Lesh & Friends. However, recent developments have led to a challenging turn of events, necessitating a GoFundMe campaign to alleviate his mounting medical expenses.

In the face of this medical ordeal, Casey’s spirit remains unbroken. His recent statement of gratitude encapsulates his heartfelt appreciation for the support that has come his way, as he navigates this unforeseen journey with unwavering resolve.


The health battle has compelled Casey’s absence from the recent Billy & The Kids pier-to-pier performances in Baltimore and New York City. During the intervals between sets, bandleader Bill Kreutzmann expressed his solidarity with Casey and advocated for fans to contribute to his medical relief fund. Similarly, Trey Anastasio utilized his own musical platform to extend his affection and support to Casey during the Trey Anastasio Band’s performance at the Catbird Music Festival, emphasizing the void left by Casey’s absence on stage.


Since his initial diagnosis in 2021, Casey’s resilience has shone brightly. In the face of surgeries and chemotherapy, he persevered, triumphantly gracing stages alongside fellow musicians. His presence with Phish guitarist, Billy & The Kids, and Phil Lesh & Friends has been a testament to his strength.


The recently launched GoFundMe campaign resonates with the collective call for support. Highlighting Casey’s two-year battle with colon cancer, it underscores the pivotal moment he has reached, where the disease’s progression has regrettably impacted his ability to perform. The campaign serves as a means to alleviate the financial burden stemming from lost income and burgeoning medical and living expenses, enabling Casey to channel his focus towards healing and his loved ones.

James Casey’s journey has not been confined to the stage. His advocacy against colon cancer, which disproportionately affects Black Americans, has been unyielding. Beyond his musical contributions, he released a solo EP titled “A Little Something For Everyone,” leveraging its release to champion proactive screenings and fundraise for organizations dedicated to colon cancer research.

Through all the trials and tribulations, Casey’s indomitable spirit prevails. His story is one that resonates with hope and resilience, a narrative that echoes far beyond the realm of music. The rallying support, embodied by the GoFundMe campaign, underscores the profound impact he has made on audiences and the unwavering solidarity that accompanies his journey.


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