Impromptu Solo Piano Performance by Tim Kennedy at Toad Lane Concerts

by Madonna

Tim Kennedy, an accomplished pianist and musician, displayed his professionalism and musical prowess when he stepped up for an impromptu solo piano performance at Toad Lane Concerts on August 16th. Originally slated to accompany soprano Angela Rowley, who unfortunately had to postpone due to illness, Tim admirably took the stage the night before with a captivating solo piano program that enthralled the audience.

Tim Kennedy’s musical journey led him to study music at Cambridge, after which he established himself in Manchester as a versatile musician, serving as a piano accompanist, professional singer, vocal coach, and organist. His role as a staff repetiteur at the Royal Northern College of Music and his accompaniment of musicians at Manchester University and for National Youth Choir auditions underscore his musical versatility and expertise. Additionally, he plays a crucial role as the rehearsal pianist for groups like the Tatton Singers and Unlimited Voices, and he’s sought after as an official festival accompanist.


In a testament to Tim’s adaptability and musicality, he orchestrated a compelling solo piano performance on short notice. With eloquent and informative introductions, Tim commenced his program with Debussy’s “Two Arabesques” and entranced the audience with descriptive compositions by Amy Beach. The pieces evoked a sense of charm and elegance, setting the tone for the evening.


Tim’s artistry continued to shine through as he skillfully interpreted Ovenberg’s “Melodie ‘Chant du Cygne Mourant'” and Yiruma’s “Room with a View.” These selections showcased his impeccable sense of timing and poise, honed from his years as a tenor singer. His ability to phrase like a skilled vocalist lent an expressive quality to his instrumental performance.


The concert also featured delightful contrasts, such as the “Bethena Waltz” by Scott Joplin and “Closest Thing to Crazy” by Katie Melua. These diverse pieces demonstrated Tim’s musical versatility and his capacity to traverse various genres with finesse.

The grand finale of the evening was an unexpected and charming rediscovery—a Polka from 1900, dedicated to the Bradford Football (Rugby) Club. This lighthearted selection added a touch of whimsy to the performance and left the audience with a smile.

Throughout the evening, the vintage 1933 Challen grand piano played an integral role, accompanying Tim’s performance and delivering the nuanced dynamics and tones of his expressive pieces. Tim Kennedy’s exceptional musical talent, adaptability, and dedication to his craft left a lasting impression on the Toad Lane Concerts audience, showcasing the power of music to transcend unexpected challenges and create magical moments.


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