Pennsylvania Guitar Manufacturer Achieves Plastic-Free Sustainability Certification for Instrument

by Madonna

Setting an inspiring precedent in the realm of environmental responsibility, a distinguished guitar maker from Pennsylvania, C.F. Martin & Company, has achieved a pioneering milestone as the first American manufacturer to secure an esteemed environmental sustainability certification for one of its instruments.

In an official announcement on Thursday, C.F. Martin & Company proudly revealed its attainment of the prestigious Preferred by Nature Sustainability Framework certification, a significant accomplishment that positions it as the inaugural U.S. enterprise to achieve this distinction and the second globally.


This laudable achievement has been granted in recognition of the company’s Martin OM Biosphere guitar, an instrument conceived not just for musical resonance but also to underline the company’s commitment to the safeguarding and revival of coral reefs.


These undersea ecosystems are acclaimed as some of the most diverse and invaluable habitats on the planet. The OM Biosphere guitar serves as both a symbolic call to action on climate change and a tangible embodiment of the company’s dedication to ecological preservation.


The Preferred by Nature organization operates as a nonprofit, fervently supporting the advocacy for superior land management practices and ethical business conduct. The organization concentrates its efforts on diverse domains such as land utilization, particularly focusing on forests, agriculture, climate-impacting commodities, and related sectors like tourism and ecosystem restoration.

The Sustainability Framework designed by the nonprofit serves as a comprehensive guide directing entities toward the adoption of sustainable operational practices. This framework comprises four essential components: management and business, human resources, nature conservation, and climate action.

By embracing the tenets delineated within the Sustainability Framework, corporations effectively demonstrate their commitment to ethical resource management, the safeguarding of human rights, and the preservation of natural environments, collectively contributing to the attainment of a more equitable and sustainable future.

Cindy McAllister, Martin’s Director of Intellectual Property, Community, and Government Relations, underscored the shared vision between Preferred by Nature and Martin, emphasizing the imperative of transitioning toward more sustainable ways of living, sourcing, and trading for the sake of future generations.

The OM Biosphere guitar has earned its distinction as 100% FSC-certified, a prestigious label conferred by the Forest Stewardship Council. This certification certifies that the guitar’s constituent materials are derived from responsibly managed and sustainable forests.

Notably, this is the second guitar manufactured by Martin that is free from plastics. The first, known as the 00L Earth guitar, was introduced in 2021 and has since been discontinued. The decision to create a plastic-free model was catalyzed by the recognition of the deleterious impact of single-use plastics on ecosystems and their contribution to global climate change.

The OM Biosphere guitar, adorned with a captivating sea turtle and vibrant ocean reef motif by artist Robert Goetzl, is priced at $2,299. Additionally, this groundbreaking instrument features a sustainable gig bag crafted from hemp—a testament to Martin’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of ecological responsibility.

As a testament to the monumental achievement of receiving the Preferred by Nature certification, the OM Biosphere guitar will be adorned with the nonprofit’s Hummingbird Seal. This seal signifies the guitar’s alignment with stringent sustainability criteria, encompassing compliance with the framework’s core principles, and the implementation of carbon compensation and offsetting initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts.


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