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Master Drummer Elevates Rock and Pop Classics with Mind-Blowing Covers

by Madonna

In the realm of popular music, drums frequently provide the rhythmic foundation while vocals and guitars bask in the spotlight. However, Jorge Garrido, renowned as El Estepario Siberiano (“The Siberian Lone Wolf”), bestows upon the drums a celestial prominence. Garrido’s electrifying drum covers of rock and pop anthems are not only awe-inspiring but also possess a uniquely entrancing quality.

At 27 years old, Garrido, a virtuoso drummer, acquired his inaugural drum kit at the age of 12. Yet, his admiration for the instrument was kindled long before that momentous juncture. In his formative years, his brother introduced him to a DVD capturing a live Green Day performance during the American Idiot tour. Enthralled by the drumming prowess of Tré Cool, Garrido reminisced, “One could attribute my burgeoning fascination with drums to the prominence accorded to the drummer in that video. Subsequently, I embarked on drum lessons, delving into the world of drumming. From then on, I was inexorably captivated.”

Presently, Garrido has metamorphosed into an extraordinarily accomplished drummer. His cover renditions frequently surge into the realm of virality, propelled by his rapid drumming style and the intricate layers his technique lends to iconic rock classics. For instance, his interpretation of Linkin Park’s “Numb” elevates the nu-metal cornerstone to an even swifter and weightier auditory experience. Notably versatile, Garrido effortlessly extends his finesse to pop songs as well. His rendition of A-ha’s “Take on Me” infuses a subtle ska essence, propelling the track’s inherent vivacity to even greater heights.

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