St. John’s College Student Achieves Honors in Music

by Madonna

In a noteworthy accomplishment that resonates with dedication and musical prowess, a learner from St. John’s College has earned well-deserved honors in the realm of music. This achievement stands as a testament to the student’s unwavering commitment to his craft and a journey that began years ago.

The 18-year-old student’s journey to receiving these honors has been marked by dedication and a passion for music that ignited at a young age. His musical odyssey began at the tender age of six when he was introduced to the world of music through a demonstration of various instruments by the college’s brass teacher. Fascinated by the trumpet’s resonant tones and impressive volume for its size, the young musician was inspired to embrace the world of melodies and harmonies.


The journey to earning these honors, however, was far from simple. A pivotal step on this path was the successful completion of his Grade 8 practical exam, a prerequisite for receiving this recognition. Displaying his exceptional commitment, he achieved an impressive 79% in his Trinity Grade 8 exam conducted in June.


Reflecting on his musical journey, the student expressed his determination to achieve his honors, mentioning, “I was fortunate enough to receive my colors award in the first term of Grade 10, and have been determined to get my honors ever since.”


Despite the challenges of balancing music, schoolwork, and other commitments, the student’s journey has been fortified by the unwavering support of teachers, family, and friends. He acknowledged the importance of finding joy in the process, emphasizing, “I need to focus on enjoying making music as much as possible because when I do, I play much better.”

The young musician’s aspirations extend beyond his recent achievement. He shared his plans to embark on a gap year, during which he intends to make a positive impact by volunteering as a teaching assistant at an overseas school. This endeavor exemplifies his commitment to sharing his musical passion and knowledge, extending the reach of his musical journey to inspire others.

As the echoes of his melodious triumph resonate, it becomes evident that this learner’s journey is more than a personal accomplishment; it’s a testament to the transformative power of music and the unwavering dedication that propels individuals to achieve remarkable milestones.


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