Renowned Saxophonist Tivon Pennicott Embarks on Jazz Odyssey in Israel

by Madonna

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Drenched in the harmonious rhythms of jazz, the accomplished saxophonist Tivon Pennicott graces the stages of Israel this week, weaving his melodious magic in a series of performances that promise to be nothing short of extraordinary. Collaborating with fellow jazz luminaries from the Rimon School of Music, Pennicott is set to cast a spell of musical brilliance across the venues, igniting a fervor for jazz among enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

This transcontinental musical rendezvous finds Tivon Pennicott, a distinguished composer, orchestrator, and tenor saxophonist, joining forces with his Israeli jazz compatriots for a mesmerizing week of performances. Guided by the orchestration of colleagues from the esteemed Rimon School of Music, Pennicott’s talents will resonate through the hearts of music aficionados across multiple dates and venues.


Kicking off on the 14th of August, the journey commences at Beit Haamudim, followed by a captivating evening at Rimon on the 15th. The enchanting melodies then weave their way to Tel Aviv’s renowned jazz enclave, Shablul, for back-to-back performances on the 16th and 18th of August, promising evenings of pure musical delight.


Tivon Pennicott’s presence on Israeli stages is heralded as a significant milestone for the country’s jazz scene. Renowned for his integral contributions to three Grammy-winning albums, Pennicott’s prowess in jazz is indisputably captivating. Director of the Rimon Jazz Institute, Ronen Shmueli, expressed his enthusiasm, noting, “Tivon is a very prominent voice in jazz today. The opportunity to host him is a thrilling prospect for both our students and the wider musical community.”


The collaboration, carefully curated amidst Rimon’s summer hiatus, is nothing short of a musical coup. Eager to evoke an atmosphere akin to a mini-festival, Pennicott’s visit is set to resound with the electrifying harmonies of jazz, creating a symphony of excitement and artistic collaboration.

The captivating jazz evening scheduled for August 15 at Rimon will feature an exquisite ensemble, headlined by Ronen Shmueli himself on piano. Alongside him, trombonist Yonatan Voltzok, bassist Yoav Ganor, and drummer Roni Kaspi will weave their musical threads, crafting an experience that bridges generations and genres in a harmonious dance of creativity.

For Ronen Shmueli, this unique collaboration marks an occasion of learning and inspiration. Sharing insights into the event’s purpose, Shmueli highlighted, “Tivon’s participation provides an unparalleled opportunity for our students to gain insights into his improvisational approach. His impact on the world of jazz is akin to that of Sonny Rollins, a true maestro of his generation.”

Pennicott’s journey in the world of music began with rhythm, as he embraced the drums during his upbringing in Georgia. This foundation in rhythm, nurtured by the beats of Jamaican ska and reggae, eventually led him to the saxophone at the age of 12. His musical path continued to intertwine with various rhythms, from Cuban drumming to the vibrant melodies of jazz.

His encounter with Israeli jazz luminaries, including drummer Ari Hoenig, fostered an appreciation for the country’s musical scene. Through his interactions with Israeli musicians like bassist Yoav Ganor and percussionist Roni Kaspi, Pennicott is poised to explore the wellspring of talent that has become synonymous with the Israeli jazz milieu.

Intrigued by the exceptional proficiency of Israeli musicians, Pennicott mused, “Israeli musicians are all amazing, high, top level, so I’m curious about that. Why are they so advanced?” This exploration, coupled with his observations of the local work ethic and culture, promises to enrich both his musical journey and his insights into the global jazz community.

Rimon’s Shmueli echoed the sentiment that Pennicott’s presence holds the potential to ignite a new flame for jazz among the youth. “Jazz isn’t the most popular music out there,” he noted, “and if this kind of performance lights the fire for some young kid who will go home and listen to jazz, then I rest my case.”

As Tivon Pennicott’s saxophone melodies resonate through Israel’s jazz landscape, they carry not only the notes of his artistry but the potential to inspire generations of music enthusiasts, forging a deeper connection to the world of jazz in the hearts of all who experience it.


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