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Celebrated Liu Shikun Receives Prestigious Achievement Award in New York City

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New York City witnessed a momentous celebration of musical excellence as Liu Shikun, an illustrious 84-year-old Chinese piano maestro, was bestowed with the esteemed Most Outstanding Asian Artist Lifetime Achievement Award. The ceremonious event unfolded over the weekend, paying tribute to Liu’s unparalleled contributions to the world of music and culture.

Hailing from Tianjin and born into a family of affluence and ardent music aficionados in 1939, Liu Shikun embarked on his piano journey at the tender age of three. His musical prowess spans beyond his virtuosity as a pianist, extending into the realm of composition and distinguished arts education. Notably, he holds the distinction of being a trailblazer in fostering cultural exchange between the United States and China.

In a heartfelt acceptance speech at the ceremony orchestrated by the Chinese American Arts Council (CAAC), Liu humbly acknowledged the weight of this accolade, expressing, “I have been honored with various awards in the past, yet this recognition resonates deeply with me and bestows upon me a sense of profound honor.”

Liu’s artistic legacy has resonated as a harmonious bridge transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. At the award presentation, Huang Ping, the Chinese Consul General in New York, along with Alan Chow, the founder and director of CAAC, jointly presented the accolade to Liu. Huang Ping accentuated how Liu’s artistic achievements stand as an embodiment of friendship and understanding between diverse cultures.

Having its genesis in 1981, the Most Outstanding Asian Artist Lifetime Achievement Award stands as a pinnacle of distinction within the United States, commemorating excellence within the Asian arts fraternity. Through this celebrated award, Liu Shikun’s indomitable spirit and his resonant impact on the world of music reverberate with lasting significance.

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