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Traditional Melodies to Supplant Sirens on VIP Vehicles, Announces Nitin Gadkari

by Madonna

Embracing a wave of progressive reforms, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has unveiled a transformative initiative aimed at reshaping the auditory landscape surrounding VIP vehicles. In a pioneering move, Gadkari has proposed the substitution of conventional sirens with the gentle harmonies of Indian traditional instruments, namely the flute (Bansuri) and the conch shell (Shankh).

Elaborating on the novel concept, Gadkari emphasized the intent to cultivate a more tranquil auditory environment, underscoring the significance of harmonious sounds derived from indigenous musical elements. The substitution of jarring sirens with the soothing cadences of Bansuri, Tabla, and Shankh reflects a concerted effort not only to mitigate sound pollution but also to dismantle the remnants of VIP culture.

Highlighting the broader ramifications, Gadkari affirmed, “The imperative of mitigating sound pollution cannot be overstated. Having successfully eradicated the use of red beacon lights on VIP vehicles, I now seek to conclude the era of sirens.” The announcement came during Gadkari’s presence at the inauguration of a multi-level flyover in Pune’s Chandni Chowk.

Gadkari’s multifaceted agenda of reforms extends beyond this innovative soundscape transformation. His previous initiatives encompassed mandates such as rear-seat seatbelt requirements, compulsory speed warning signals across all vehicles, and the incorporation of air-conditioned cabins in larger trucks and heavy vehicles. Concurrently, the Union Government is investing substantially in bolstering the nation’s infrastructure, with inaugurations of flyovers and underpasses addressing the evolving needs of the populace and future imperatives.

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