Rising Nigerian Violinist Takes Center Stage on Bridgerton

by Madonna

Emerging as a beacon of talent and determination, Nigerian violinist Jennifer Rebecca Obaze is ascending the ladder of stardom with an unwavering resolve. Her artistic journey recently reached a crescendo when she graced the set of the widely acclaimed series, Bridgerton: Queen Charlotte, performing alongside notable figures like Alicia Keys and other instrumental luminaries. Embarking on her mission to claim the title of Nigeria’s premier violinist, Obaze is steadfast in her pursuit of a lofty vision.

Reflecting on the path she has traversed, Obaze candidly speaks of the challenges that have accompanied her rise. She pinpoints the conventional and societal roles ascribed to women in a developing nation as barriers that have been erected to thwart women’s advancement in their chosen careers.


For her, becoming a virtuoso violinist signifies more than mastery of the instrument—it serves as a clarion call to dismantle these stereotypes surrounding women instrumentalists and professionals in Nigeria, asserting that their aspirations are both valid and achievable.


The magnetic allure of the violin first enveloped Obaze at the tender age of 13. Captivated by its melodic charms, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, teaching herself the intricacies of the instrument during her formative years. Subsequently, she embarked on a formal education at the prestigious Muson School of Music, graduating with distinction in 2015. This milestone earned her an esteemed scholarship from the British Council Nigeria, an embodiment of cultural exchange that led her to grace the stage at the EFG London Jazz Festival’s On Mass Roundhouse event in Camden Town.


During this transformative period, Obaze’s repertoire extended beyond the violin to encompass her vocal talents, as she melodiously sang Nigerian folk songs, fostering connections with fellow artists from diverse corners of the globe. This pivotal experience served as a professional catalyst, catapulting her into a world brimming with opportunities.

Recounting her journey, Obaze effuses, “Through this art, I have journeyed to South Africa, Italy, and the United Kingdom, my violin as my steadfast companion. While my early years were marked by self-taught discipline, I have had the honor of capturing the attention of esteemed violinists such as Dele Olutade, Ademola Adejayan, Pa Godfrey Amoah, Melissa Mcguiles, Frank Stadler, and others.”

Beyond her involvement in Bridgerton, Obaze has woven her musical tapestry into various illustrious events. She has graced the stage with the East London School of Music at Hackney County’s Coronation Concert in honor of King Charles III. Additionally, her melodies have resonated at the inauguration ceremony of Mayor Philip Glanville as the mayor of the Hackney London Borough Council in London, England.


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