Out West Piano Fest Returns to Bathurst for a Weekend of Music, Food and Wine

by Madonna

Building upon the resounding success of its inaugural edition last year, the Out West Piano Fest is set to make a triumphant return to Bathurst, offering a captivating and immersive experience from Friday, October 27th, through Sunday, October 29th.

Nestled in the picturesque regional landscape of Blackdown Farm, a mere five-minute journey from Bathurst’s town center in New South Wales, this festival is a harmonious convergence of culinary delights, melodic compositions, and artistic expressions. Amidst the natural splendor, the enchanting notes of the piano will reverberate, echoing the ethos of place and community, infused with the collective ardor for the transformative power of music.


The Out West Piano Fest stands as an embodiment of inspiration, an ode to the piano, and a tribute to the skillful artistry of four exceptional pianists—Andrey Gugnin, Tamara Anna Cislowska, Sonya Lifschitz, and Clemens Leske. This quartet of virtuosos is primed to kindle a range of emotions within attendees, eliciting awe, illumination, and pure entertainment.


Hailed as an international luminary, Andrey Gugnin, in his role as curator, has meticulously crafted a series of imaginative and invigorating programs, consisting of five distinct concerts that will envelop the span of the weekend. This finely tuned lineup reflects a rich tapestry of musical genres, inviting patrons of all ages to partake in a celebration that transcends mere auditory pleasure.


The Out West Piano Fest is more than an assemblage of performances; it encapsulates a holistic experience that resonates with the ethos of community and the spirit of artistic exploration. As the piano melodies intertwine with the scenic vistas, and the flavors of food and wine mingle with the harmonies, attendees are invited to immerse themselves in a multisensory celebration that ignites the heart and the mind.

Amidst the tranquil embrace of Blackdown Farm, this festival beckons, promising an unforgettable weekend that harmonizes the realms of music, art, and culinary indulgence. As the curtain rises on the Out West Piano Fest, the stage is set for an enriching encounter with the extraordinary—a symphony that unites the essence of place, the prowess of pianists, and the universal language of music.


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