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Former County Administrator Returns to Rockford to Assume Leadership of Phantom Regiment

by Madonna

Rockford, known for its harmonious blend of culture and community, is set to witness the return of Amanda Hamaker, a seasoned professional celebrated for her leadership roles in various domains, including the U.S. and Rockford-area Girl Scouts, Rockford Housing Authority, and Winnebago County. This homecoming marks her appointment as the head of the illustrious Phantom Regiment, a decision that reverberates with significance and purpose.

Jeff Hassan, President of the Board of Directors, underlines the audacious step taken by the Phantom Regiment in inviting Amanda Hamaker into their fold. He states, “The inclusion of Amanda Hamaker in our ranks signifies a bold stride for Phantom Regiment. With this selection, we convey to our stakeholders our unwavering dedication to propelling our momentum forward. Under Amanda’s astute guidance, we are poised to actualize substantial strides across the myriad opportunities that beckon us.”

Amanda’s arrival heralds a departure from convention, as underscored by Kelly Couvelaire, the Board Treasurer. She underscores Amanda Hamaker’s unique standing, which diverges from the conventional pedigree of drum corps involvement. “We have seldom contemplated candidates from beyond the confines of this activity. While we have ventured into winter guard and marching band domains, we have refrained from considering individuals unconnected to drum corps. Amanda’s infusion brings forth a distinctive skill set, a rarity within the broader realm of marching arts, even amidst those enriched by decades of engagement. Our anticipation is high as we observe the trajectory she charts for this institution.”

The past five years have seen Amanda Hamaker make her mark in her native California. However, the allure of the Phantom Regiment has beckoned her back to her roots. In her own words, expressed through a press release, she highlights the significance of the Phantom Regiment as an embodiment of Rockford’s heritage. “Phantom Regiment represents a cornerstone of Rockford’s legacy,” she affirms. “My mission is to amplify local enthusiasm and foster increased collaboration and alliances to bolster the organization, consequently kindling greater participation among the youth.”

As Amanda Hamaker takes the reins, the heartbeat of Phantom Regiment, its drum and bugle corps, continues its spirited journey across the nation, competing and resonating with audiences far and wide. This juncture signifies not only the stewardship of a new leader but also the potential for the Phantom Regiment to sculpt new harmonies of growth and resonance within its cherished community.

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