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Chris Tamwoy’s Performance Highlights Logan’s World of Culture Festival

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Celebrated Torres Strait Islander guitarist Chris Tamwoy, renowned for his distinctive guitar prowess, is set to make a triumphant return to his roots as he takes the stage at the forthcoming World of Culture Festival in southeastern Queensland.

Originating from Logan and with ancestral ties to Badu, Boigu, and Darnley Islands, Tamwoy’s musical journey has encompassed remarkable achievements, including past accolades on Australia’s Got Talent and appearances at major music festivals across the nation.

A harmonious fusion of cultures awaits festival-goers during this event, where Tamwoy will be accompanied on stage by the internationally acclaimed African-Australian musician, producer, and fellow OKA band member, Julian BelBachir. Scheduled to unfold at the historic Kingston Butter Factory on August 12, the performance promises to be a spectacular showcase of their musical synergy.

Reflecting on the significance of his return, Tamwoy expressed, “Coming back to my community to share my musical odyssey is a deeply cherished endeavor. My compositions are a mirror of my identity and heritage, making this performance exceptionally meaningful.”

Organized by the non-profit organization SSI, the World of Culture Festival offers an immersive exploration of diverse cultural expressions. The festivities encompass a vibrant outdoor stage, a cultural fashion presentation, roving artists, and zones dedicated to children and youth, offering a comprehensive program designed to captivate every member of the family.

Tamwoy further shared his insight, noting, “World of Cultures aspires to provide a platform for migrant, refugee, and culturally diverse artists to engage a broader audience. It also sparks conversations about inclusivity and equality, exemplifying the multifaceted tapestry of our society.”

Embracing the spirit of Multicultural Queensland Month, Minister for Multicultural Affairs Leanne Linard lauded the rich blend of cultures that define the state’s communal fabric. “Queensland’s strength lies in its diversity, a sentiment exemplified by events like the World of Culture Festival. With Logan serving as a prime example of multicultural coexistence, this celebration aligns seamlessly with the festival’s theme ‘Many Cultures, One Queensland: putting inclusion into action.'”

Staged on the ancestral lands of Yuggera and Yugambeh at the iconic Kingston Butter Factory, this free event, championed by SSI, is slated to captivate audiences from 4:00 to 8:30 PM on August 12. Anchored in accessibility and universal appeal, it promises an evening of harmonious celebration uniting cultures in symphony.

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