University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Community Piano Experience Presents Fall Sessions

by Madonna

Lincoln’s Community Piano Experience, a vibrant initiative stemming from the esteemed University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Glenn Korff School of Music piano pedagogy program, is gearing up for its forthcoming fall sessions, promising an immersive and enlightening musical journey.

Structured as an extension of outreach efforts, this program encapsulates group piano classes curated to cultivate fundamental music literacy and piano proficiency. Tailored explicitly for adults seeking to embark on or further their musical pursuits, the program caters to both entry-level aspirants and those situated within the intermediate stratum.

Heading the orchestration of these transformative sessions is CPE Assistant Coordinator Rebekah Siles, a dynamic presence and a second-year doctoral protégé within the Glenn Korff School of Music. Having extended her expertise to the Lincoln CPE program for three successive semesters, Siles brings forth her vision for a harmonious community that resonates with the soul of music.

She asserts, “Music’s quintessence thrives within a collective spirit, and this course functions as a conduit, granting unbridled access to the joys of music for everyone, irrespective of their musical history. It embodies the most approachable route to nurturing self-assurance in mastering a novel skill. Whether one’s last encounter with piano keys was years ago or they’re embarking on this journey anew, they possess the aptitude. We enthusiastically welcome all to partake in this endeavor.”

Piano novices or those seeking a reunion with their forgotten childhood lessons will find themselves embraced by the welcoming ambiance of the beginning class. The sessions are scheduled for Tuesday evenings, spanning from September 12th to December 5th (with exceptions for October 17th and November 21st). Conversely, individuals endowed with some foundational piano and music-reading proficiencies will flourish within the intermediate class, slated for Thursday evenings commencing September 14th and concluding on November 30th (excluding November 23rd). Each weekly gathering will unfold between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM, promising a comprehensive exploration of musicality under the adept guidance of experienced mentors.

In this fusion of instruction, camaraderie, and musical discovery, the Community Piano Experience beckons enthusiasts to join the symphony of learning this fall season.

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