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CBC Spotlights Exceptional Talent: 30 Hot Canadian Classical Musicians Under 30

by Madonna

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) has unveiled its prestigious roster for 2023, celebrating the remarkable achievements of 30 young classical musicians who have set the stage ablaze before the age of 30. This eclectic lineup traverses an extensive array of instruments and disciplines, echoing the symphonic diversity inherent in the world of classical music.

With virtuosi who skillfully navigate multiple instruments, the list transcends boundaries, emblematic of the musical polyglots forging new horizons in the industry. In a striking testament to the power of music, age becomes a mere number, as the burgeoning talents of high school prodigies harmoniously coexist with the seasoned virtuosity of established performers.

Diversity reigns supreme in this illustrious constellation, each star illuminating the tapestry of Canadian classical music. Marie-Claire Cardinal, a conductor and violinist hailing from Quebec City, exemplifies this rich spectrum. At 28 years young, Cardinal’s artistry has earned her the esteemed position of resident assistant conductor at L’Orchestre Symphonique de Québec for the upcoming 2023/24 season, where she will flourish under the guidance of music director Clemens Schuldt.

Among the stellar luminaries, a particularly youthful brilliance gleams in the form of Alex Yang. A mere 14 years old, Yang’s virtuosity unfurls through both the piano and violin. His accolades are awe-inspiring: triumph at the FCMF National Music Festival’s grand prize, paired with the Emerging Artist Award in the piano category. Yang’s talents further garnered recognition through the Nova Scotia Registered Music Teachers Association scholarship, and a remarkable third prize at the CFMTA National Piano Competition.

The CBC’s discerning eye for exceptional talent ensures that this remarkable compilation stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of Canadian classical music. Each musician etches a unique melody upon the grand orchestral score of their nation’s artistic tapestry, harmonizing disparate notes into a symphony of unparalleled brilliance.

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