BOSS Unveils ME-90 Guitar Multiple Effects: A Paradigm Shift in Tone Sculpting

by Madonna

BOSS, a trailblazer in the realm of musical innovation, introduces a groundbreaking addition to their esteemed ME series—the ME-90 Guitar Multiple Effects. Meticulously crafted with the performing guitarist in mind, this all-in-one processor ushers in a new era of creative potential by merging multifaceted effects capability with intuitive hands-on control. Imbued with stellar audio quality boasting 24-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing, the ME-90 promises to revolutionize the art of tone craftsmanship.

Equipped with an array of 30 knobs adorning its panel, the ME-90 beckons musicians into a world of sonic exploration with an interface designed for swift sound selection and refinement. Boasting 36 preconfigured patches that exude professional-grade tones and an additional 36 user patches for bespoke tonal expression, the device encompasses an impressive spectrum of sound possibilities. From top-tier AIRD amp models to an expansive collection of 60 effect types, the ME-90 fosters limitless avenues for sonic creativity. Furthermore, the ME-90 accommodates external pedals and provides comprehensive control over the signal chain.


The ME-90’s prowess extends beyond effects; it seamlessly integrates advanced AIRD technology to incorporate amp models drawn from the GT-1000. This innovative inclusion ushers forth the authentic warmth of tube tones and nuanced touch response, spanning from pristine clean combo timbres to searing high-gain stacks. Additionally, guitarists can seamlessly load three user speaker IRs, and each amplifier model includes a dedicated cabinet sound optimized for live sound or recording endeavors.


A standout feature of the ME-90 lies in its pedal arrangement, spotlighting eight footswitches and an integrated expression pedal. Offering the choice between Memory or Manual modes, musicians can effortlessly access complete patch setups or exert direct command over each effect category. The footswitches are adorned with vibrant LED lights, serving as beacons of swift identification during live performances, with fixed color choices catering to user preferences.


Incorporation of BOSS Tone Studio for macOS and Windows grants users the ability to organize patches, fine-tune tones with precision, and engage with the vibrant ME-90 community via BOSS Tone Exchange. The option of the Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adapter further amplifies versatility, allowing wireless management via a dedicated editing application.

Remaining true to BOSS’s legacy of durability, the ME-90 achieves a lightweight profile while retaining a robust build quality. The redesigned expression pedal enhances control precision, and the processor can be powered by batteries or an AC adapter. Versatility in connectivity is ensured by the presence of a USB-C output and a rear-panel switch, catering to setups ranging from guitar amplifiers to full-range sound systems.


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