Social Media Infested with Piano Scam Preying on Unsuspecting Victims

by Madonna

A new wave of deception has washed over social media, entangling numerous unsuspecting victims in its web. Operating under the guise of Connecticut-based individuals, this scam has already ensnared dozens in its clutches.

For the aspiring pianist, the prospect of acquiring a baby grand piano at the astonishing price of zero dollars seems an unparalleled delight. Jared Adamson, a recent victim, recounted his encounter with the malevolent scheme. Adamson, while perusing Facebook Marketplace for a new piano, stumbled upon an offer that seemed too good to be true—free. He shared correspondence with Channel 3, exposing the fraudulent exchange.


The seller, impersonating a woman, wove a tale of sentimental value, claiming the piano belonged to her departed husband, who held an immense fondness for the instrument. She professed a desire to honor his memory by bestowing the piano upon someone who would treasure it. However, her act of “generosity” came with a catch—Adamson was instructed to remit around $400 for shipping via Ascot Movers.


Adamson’s skepticism began to take root as he delved deeper into the matter. The facade was well-crafted, including a polished website for Ascot Movers. Alarm bells rang louder when he discovered a glaring anomaly—the business address listed as 100 Columbus Blvd, an address that coincidentally belonged to the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.


Unearthing this disturbing revelation, Kristen Johnson of the Connecticut Better Business Bureau (BBB) emphasized the gravity of the situation. The BBB has fielded approximately 60 grievances akin to Adamson’s throughout the year. Beyond the misleading address, Johnson highlighted a plethora of warning signs. The website teemed with grammatical errors, and certain sections were haphazardly translated into English.

Adamson, fortunate enough to realize the scam’s ruse, promptly contacted the BBB and avoided monetary loss. However, many others have not been as fortunate, with the BBB reporting multiple victims who have lost hundreds of dollars to the scam.

Adamson implored all to exercise caution and discernment, emphasizing the need to remain vigilant. He hopes that sharing his story can serve as a protective shield, preventing others from becoming victims of this nefarious scam.


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