30th Annual Summer Music Competition: Five International Drum Ensemble Bands to Perform

by Madonna

Salem Stadium Hosts Spectacular Display of Musical Talent with Over 1,000 High School and College Performers Nationwide

Salem Stadium recently served as the grand stage for a remarkable convergence of musical prowess, as more than a thousand high school and college-level performers from across the nation converged to exhibit their remarkable talents.


Dubbed the “marching elite” by Steven Belanger, the Drum Core International Coordinator, this assembly represented the pinnacle of skill within various marching bands hailing from every corner of the country. These dedicated musicians invest substantial time and resources, willingly distancing themselves from the familiarities of home comforts.


Participating in the Drum Corps International circuit, these bands engage in a summer-long journey of competition that culminates in the pinnacle event—the World Championship scheduled for August 12 in Indianapolis.


Originating from locales as distant as Seattle, Washington, and Casper, Wyoming, some of these ensembles endure nights of rest on gymnasium floors, often lacking the luxury of air conditioning, as Belanger explained.

Among the impressive lineup, the Carolina Crown stands as the geographically closest troupe, hailing from Fort Mill, South Carolina. Cooper St. John, the Drum Major for the Carolina Crown, shared his enthusiasm for the impact these performances have on young audiences, noting the allure of involvement in this captivating art form.

Carolina Crown’s meticulously crafted performance spans 12 to 13 minutes, encompassing iconic compositions like Mozart’s “Lacrimosa” interwoven with their unique renditions. Their artistic interpretation infuses each classical piece with the distinctive flair of a Drum Corps presentation.

St. John elaborated, “Expect a tapestry of captivating elements. We’ve introduced innovative components that are still evolving, making for an engaging show. Overall, it’s a performance bound to exhilarate and uplift the audience, propelling them to their feet. Our Drum Corps is renowned for delivering excellence in every showcase, and this event will be no exception.”

The gates of the venue swing open at 5 p.m., ushering in eager attendees for a night of musical splendor commencing at 7 p.m. Tickets are available both online and at the gate, catering to a diverse array of audiences.

Notably, the entirety of the event’s proceeds will be channeled towards supporting the Pride of Salem Marching Band—an endeavor that exemplifies the harmonious fusion of artistry and community benevolence.


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