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Meet the Upgraded Taylor T5z, Now More Comfortable Than Ever

by Madonna

With its unique combination of two humbuckers, an acoustic body sensor and five-way switching to control active pickups, the Taylor T5z hybrid hollowbody electric-acoustic guitar has always been a dynamic musical shapeshifter. Capable of producing warm acoustic tones, searing electric leads and a range of possibilities in between, the T5z gives players an exciting tool that can adapt to new sounds on the fly.

Now, Taylor has upgraded the T5z design for even greater playing comfort, adding a lightweight Urban Ash body, rounded edges and a built-in armrest to enhance playability and provide a seamless feel for all playing styles.

Choose the T5z Pro in Harbor Blue, Cayenne Red or Tobacco Sunburst, or opt for gorgeous Hawaiian koa in the T5z Custom. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed an inspiring musical experience with unlimited opportunities for experimentation and creativity.

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