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Asake reveals embarrassing experience he imagines Fela playing saxophone

by Madonna

Nigerian singer Asake shared a life-changing experience during his career’s early days. The Afrofusion star revealed that he decided to pay homage to the iconic Fela Kuti when he took to the stage to display the unconventional appearance of the Afrobeat pioneer by putting on just pants accompanied with a saxophone.

Not just that, he mentioned that the six dancers he took up stage were also half naked In his recent conversation on the Ginger Yourself podcast, the hitmaker revealed the unexpected turn of events. Instead of receiving the admiration he anticipated, the crowd’s reaction threw him off balance.

Asake was received with boos from the audience, leaving him humiliated and forced to leave the podium.

“Before I got the attention, I strived till I graduated from the university. I strived for like [another] two years before people like accept me. “So there’s this performance. I wanted to perform Fela, so I was on pants and saxophone. I packed like six girls on stage. I asked them to be half-naked. You know, one thing about Nigerians is that once people are naked, they just forget about all the thing that is happening and just focus. But these people [at the concert] stubborn o.

“Those girls just walked in, then me too. I just walked in majestically as a star boy. I did not know where the first clap came from. The audience was like, ‘No, no, no.’ Everybody, like 9,000 capacity, clapping that they don’t want it.”

Asake dives into the crowd at Afro Nation concert Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported how videos captured when the Organise crooner was mesmerised by the love he received during his performance as he couldn’t hold himself back from returning the powerful energy he felt.

Asake dived into the crowd as the viral clip sparked concerns among netizens. Internet users were quick to express their concerns about the singer’s safety and the possibility that he hit the hard floor during the jump.

TMZ reports that the singer-actress was locked out of the Tracy Anderson Method Studio in Studio City as her key card malfunctioned. J’Lo was then forced to wait outside the locked door until someone eventually let her in. Following the workout, her frustration seemed to linger as she had a tense encounter with paparazzi.

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