Prizewinners Announced at the Città de Cremona Violin Competition

by Madonna

The inaugural Città de Cremona Violin Competition recently concluded its first edition at the Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi in Cremona’s Museo del Violino, focusing on repertoire suited for smaller venues.

The competition awarded the following prizes:


First Prize: Yuki Serino (Japan) received €40,000 and a violin-shaped silver tray.


Second Prize: Shaoheng Zhong (China) received €20,000 and a gold-mounted bow from Atelier Slaviero.


Third Prize: Nurie Chung (South Korea) received €10,000 and a bronze medal crafted by sculptor Gianfranco Paulli, sponsored by the Violin Museum.

Yuki Serino, born in Rome in 2006, is currently enrolled in the pre-college program at Mozarteum University in Salzburg, studying under Pierre Amoyal. She has trained with notable violinists such as Giuliano Carmignola, Georg Egger, and Miriam Dal Don, and previously won Second Prize at the 2022 Barbash Bach Competition.

As part of her prize from the Città de Cremona Competition, Serino will perform at the STRADIVARIfestival 2024.

The jury for the 2024 competition included Sergej Krylov (President), Pierre Amoyal, Ksenia Milas, Alessandro Quarta, Massimo Quarta, Oleksandr Semchuk, Kyoko Takezawa, Anna Tifu, and Kirill Troussov.


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