Oboist Timothy Watts Passes Away

by Madonna

Timothy Watts, the British oboist and sub-principal oboe player of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO), has succumbed to cancer.

Watts had been an integral part of the RPO since 2002, serving consistently in the sub-principal oboe position. Notably, he was recently chosen to perform as a member of the orchestra for the coronation of King Charles III, representing the RPO on this prestigious occasion.


Before joining the RPO, Watts contributed to the orchestra of the Welsh National Opera and showcased his talent through recitals for the Live Music Now scheme and the Manchester Midday concert series. He later held the position of Principal Oboe with the English Touring Opera and was a founding member of the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra.


Moreover, Watts enriched the musical landscape with numerous concerto performances alongside the City of Oxford Orchestra at the Sheldonian Theatre.


Watts pursued his musical education at the University of Cambridge and the Royal College of Music, where he earned accolades such as the Countess of Munster and Myra Hess awards, as well as the Joy Boughton Prize for oboe.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Timothy Watts’ family, friends, and fellow musicians during this difficult time.


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