Daniel Bennett Group Embarks on Innovative Tour Across USA in Support of Critically Acclaimed Album ‘Mr. Bennett’s Mind

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NYC-based saxophonist Daniel Bennett and his band, the Daniel Bennett Group, are currently touring the USA to support their latest album, “Mr. Bennett’s Mind,” released by Manhattan Daylight Media. With its innovative blend of jazz conventions and engaging melodies, the album has received widespread acclaim globally.

The album, “Mr. Bennett’s Mind,” marks their tenth studio recording, produced at the renowned Big Orange Sheep Studios in New York City in August 2023. Following eight months of meticulous mixing and editing, the album was officially launched in the spring of 2024. Notably, it has been described by The Boston Globe as a fusion of Jazz, Folk, and Minimalism.


Reflecting on the album’s reception, Bennett expressed gratitude for the support of their dedicated fan base, which has contributed to over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. He attributes the album’s success to its open-ended interpretation, allowing listeners to engage with the music freely.


Throughout their tour, the Daniel Bennett Group has chosen non-traditional venues such as libraries and museums alongside conventional clubs. Bennett explains that their music resonates with diverse audiences and has been well-received by various cultural institutions and public libraries.


Despite the demands of touring, Bennett balances his career with family life, taking an active role in caring for his two children and participating in community and church activities. In addition to his music career, Bennett teaches saxophone at the New York Jazz Academy and leads the jazz program at Cairn University in Pennsylvania.

Looking ahead, Bennett expresses enthusiasm for the possibility of performing in all fifty states, highlighting his excitement for upcoming shows in the Kansas City area, known for its rich jazz history. He recently appeared as a guest on Neon Jazz, a radio show hosted by Joe Dimino, who shares Bennett’s passion for the vibrant Kansas City jazz scene.


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