Viral Piano-Playing Beagle ‘Buddy Mercury’ Passes Away, Leaving Millions Heartbroken

by Madonna

Buddy Mercury, the beagle known for his viral videos of howling while playing the piano, has passed away, according to a social media post by his family.

“We will always love Buddy,” the post about his sudden passing read in part. “We are devastated.”


Buddy Mercury became a beloved figure after his adorable piano-playing videos went viral.


A video of Buddy and his younger sibling wagging their tails to music garnered over 22 million views on YouTube.


Glen Wolfe, Buddy’s owner, shared that he taught Buddy to jump up and hit the keys. “I could hear the piano playing by itself. He howled along with himself while playing,” Wolfe said.

Buddy’s family said it was his mission to spread joy to the world.

The 9-year-old rescue beagle lived a full life, making guest appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and winning “Most Tail-Ented” at a “Good Morning America” competition.

Buddy’s appearances not only entertained millions but also helped raise awareness for animal adoption, according to his family.


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