Jerusalem’s Trumpeter Tal Avraham Debuts Album at Queenta Woman Jazz Festival

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Tal Avraham possesses two of life’s most precious assets – time and space. The 35-year-old trumpeter demonstrates this clearly, naturally, and calmly in her debut album, Preda (Departure), released earlier this year. The album will receive its fourth airing at the upcoming Queenta Woman Jazz Festival (QWJF) at the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem from June 4th to 6th.

Initiated by vocalist Chen Levy to provide female artists with a rare platform, the festival, now in its third edition, features Levy as the perennial artistic director. Levy also performs with the festival house band, Queenta Ensemble, alongside four female instrumentalists.


While women’s jazz festivals exist globally, QWJF serves as an additional avenue for female artists to showcase their talents, raising questions about the persistent need for such corrective events in the male-dominated jazz community worldwide.


The festival boasts renowned artists such as veteran pianists Anat Fort and Katia Toobool, with Fort notably being the first Israeli jazz musician to record with the prestigious German label ECM.


Avraham’s June 6th concert, part of the festival’s lineup, features acclaimed bassist Shay Hazan, pianist Milton Michaeli, and drummer Amir Bar Akiva, all contributing to the album.

Avraham’s versatility in the Israeli music scene over the past decade spans various genres, from jazz to ethnic music and avant-garde pursuits.

Her debut album, Preda, offers insights into her artistic vision. While drawing inspiration from legendary trumpeters like Kenny Wheeler, Ibrahim Maalouf, and Mathias Eick, Avraham imbues her music with expansive sonic textures, exemplified in the album’s video shot in the desert.

Avraham’s approach to music isn’t overly calculated; she follows a natural, corporeal flow, allowing her body to dictate her playing style.

Employing electronic effects with finesse, Avraham seamlessly integrates them into her acoustic instrumental baseline, enhancing rather than overshadowing the music.

At 35, Avraham’s debut release demonstrates maturity and depth, inviting listeners on an alluring musical journey. Tracks like “Dharana” and “Optimic Ballad” showcase her range, promising a captivating experience for festival attendees.


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