Luude Sparks Drum ‘N’ Bass Revival: How TikTok is Reshaping Electronic Music

by Madonna

The resurgence of Drum ‘n’ Bass (D&B) is undeniable, marking a significant shift in the landscape of electronic music. Initially rising to prominence in the late ’90s, the genre experienced a resurgence in the mid-to-late 2000s, followed by a period of relative quiet as other genres took center stage. However, in recent times, D&B has reclaimed its place in the spotlight, with both emerging and established artists enjoying renewed success.

Australian producer Luude has played a pivotal role in this revival, particularly with his 2021 remix of Men At Work’s classic “Down Under.” According to Jamie Raeburn, CEO of Sweat It Out Records, Luude’s chart-topping success without significant radio support has injected fresh energy into the D&B scene.


While D&B had previously struggled to gain traction in mainstream music culture, the rise of platforms like TikTok has provided a new avenue for discovery. Karl Thomas, also known as ShockOne, attributes much of the genre’s newfound popularity to Luude and TikTok, noting that the platform has introduced a new generation to D&B and garnered attention from major labels.


However, this newfound exposure hasn’t been without its challenges. Thomas recounts a surge of interest from major labels drawn to his more radio-friendly tracks, highlighting a tension between commercial appeal and artistic integrity within the genre.


Despite these complexities, the resurgence of D&B has invigorated club scenes worldwide, attracting a younger audience eager for fresh sounds. Raeburn notes that popular DJs are increasingly incorporating D&B into their sets, further broadening its appeal.

While some purists may lament the commercialization of D&B, others, like Raeburn, see it as an opportunity to introduce more listeners to the genre’s diverse offerings. TikTok, in particular, has served as a double-edged sword, exposing new audiences to D&B while also raising questions about its commodification.

Looking ahead, the future of D&B remains uncertain, but Raeburn and ShockOne are confident in its enduring appeal. As Raeburn aptly puts it, “Drum ‘n’ Bass will fade away… but it will come back again,” a sentiment echoed by ShockOne, who emphasizes the genre’s resilience and its ability to evolve with the times.

In a rapidly changing musical landscape, one thing is clear: Drum ‘n’ Bass is here to stay, thanks in no small part to the transformative power of platforms like TikTok and the creative vision of artists like Luude.


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