Experience Speed’s New Flute-Fueled Hardcore Anthem “THE FIRST TEST”

by Madonna

Australian hardcore band Speed has released another preview of their upcoming album, ONLY ONE MODE, with a dynamic track titled “THE FIRST TEST.”

Similar to their earlier release “REAL LIFE LOVE,” this track delivers a modern, intense take on New York hardcore, blending mid-tempo rhythms with powerful chord progressions. A standout feature of the song is a unique flute solo performed by vocalist Jem Siow during the breakdown.


In a press release, the band explained that “THE FIRST TEST” addresses the struggles of marginalized communities. Specifically, it reflects Siow’s experience as an Asian Australian navigating both the beautiful and harsh aspects of the world. The lyrics emphasize the importance of forging one’s own path with the line, “First test: Say fuck the rest.”


The accompanying video shows Speed and their crew dancing on the beach before moving underground, where Siow showcases his flute skills.


ONLY ONE MODE is scheduled for release on July 12th through Flatspot Records in the U.S. and Last Ride Records in Australia.

Currently, Speed is touring with Knocked Loose, Show Me the Body, and Loathe, and yes, they are performing that flute solo live.


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