Slipknot Drummer Eloy Casagrande Shares “Disasterpiece” Live Drum-Cam Video

by Madonna

Recently, Slipknot unveiled their first new song since Eloy Casagrande joined the band. Taking to social media, Slipknot excitedly introduced the track to their fans.

According to Slipknot, there’s been buzz among fans about “Long May You Die,” speculating it as a fresh composition from recent recording sessions. Slipknot responded affirmatively, acknowledging the accuracy of the speculation.


Marking 25 years of their self-titled album, Slipknot’s global “Here Comes The Pain Tour” will heavily feature tracks from their groundbreaking 1999 debut. Produced by Live Nation, the North American leg of the tour promises arena performances across the country this summer. The lineup boasts iconic venues like New York City’s Madison Square Garden and Los Angeles’ Intuit Dome for two consecutive nights. Knocked Loose, the emerging hardcore/metal frontrunners from Kentucky, will provide direct support. Supporting acts Orbit Culture and Vended are confirmed for select dates.


Reflecting on their journey, Slipknot recalls a time when they were just a group of musicians striving for recognition. Twenty-five years ago, they were on the brink of releasing an album that would catapult them into global prominence, reshaping the landscape of rock music and influencing youth culture profoundly.


Their self-titled debut, unleashed on June 29, 1999, garnered critical acclaim and swiftly became a fan favorite. It represented a paradigm shift in metal, departing from conventional norms to explore new sonic territories. Despite humble expectations, Slipknot’s meticulous songwriting and Ross Robinson’s dynamic production propelled the album to unprecedented success.

Guitarist Jim Root reminisces about those early days, where success seemed uncertain but aspirations were high. Yet, their determination and passion carried them through, leading to sold-out shows, chart-topping albums, and a Grammy win for “Before I Forget” from their album Vol. 3.

In the ensuing years, Slipknot’s influence surged, rivaling even their musical idols. With billions of streams, millions of followers, and a slew of accolades, including numerous platinum and gold certifications, Slipknot solidified their status as trailblazers in the industry.

Their creation of the Knotfest festival in 2012 further cemented their legacy, evolving into a global phenomenon and providing a platform for emerging artists.

Approaching their 25th anniversary, Slipknot aims to reconnect with fans on a personal level, reminiscent of their early interactions. Shawn “Clown” Crahan expresses their commitment to maintaining that intimate connection amidst their massive success, promising an unforgettable celebration for fans old and new.


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