Matteo Mancuso Champions Amp Modelers Over Tube Amps, Critiques Les Pauls for Weight

by Madonna

Matteo Mancuso, a proponent of amp modelers, shared his perspective on their reliability and versatility, contrasting them with the bulkiness of Les Paul guitars.

While some remain staunch advocates of tube amps, the increasing reliance of renowned musicians like Metallica on modelers signals a shift in the industry. Matteo Mancuso, an Italian fingerstyle virtuoso, embodies this trend, preferring the convenience and consistency of digital technology.


In an interview with Guitar World, Mancuso emphasized the reliability of digital amp modeling, highlighting its ability to seamlessly integrate various effects and amp simulations. He expressed his inclination towards simplicity, favoring the convenience of an all-in-one pedalboard that ensures consistent tone across different performances.


Acknowledging the debate between analog and digital sound, Mancuso noted that while the experience of playing through a traditional amp is irreplaceable for some, digital gear offers unparalleled consistency in tone.


Despite experimenting with various guitars on his debut album “The Journey,” Mancuso admitted a preference for Yamaha models, citing their sound and his familiarity with them. In contrast, he found Les Pauls uncomfortable due to their weight, opting for lighter alternatives like the Revstar and Pacifica.

Mancuso’s approach underscores a pragmatic balance between tradition and innovation, prioritizing practicality and reliability in musical equipment choices.


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