New Ukulele Group “Chrysalis” Emerges from Grubs

by Madonna

From the roots of the Greater Redland Ukulele Band Society (Grubs) sprouts a fresh endeavor named Chrysalis, a ukulele group poised to delve deep into the sonic possibilities of this diminutive instrument.

Chrysalis initially focuses on playing arrangements for three parts: soprano, alto, and tenor. However, the group is on the lookout for additional ukulele players to provide chordal or picked accompaniment, thus broadening its musical horizons.


Jane Milward, the group’s facilitator hailing from Cleveland, expresses her enthusiasm for the venture, seeing it as an opportunity to explore the instrument’s full potential.


“This is not merely a strum and sing affair. I envision this as a new chapter, inviting us to fully embrace the musical avenues unlocked by the ukulele,” remarks Ms. Milward.


She emphasizes that musical literacy is not a prerequisite; members are encouraged to play at their own proficiency levels.

“There’s room here for individuals to express themselves irrespective of their skill levels. The resulting harmony is truly enchanting; it sends shivers down your spine,” she adds.

Ms. Milward harbors high hopes for Chrysalis, eager to witness its growth and success. Having been a member of Grubs and Dukes of Uke for the past three years, her dedication to fostering musical communities is evident.


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