Vermona Bass-Drum and TRANSfourMER: New Drum and Output Modules

by Madonna

Vermona is introducing two new Eurorack modules at Superbooth 24: Bass-Drum and TRANSfourMER. The Bass-Drum module converts the kick channel of the well-known DRM1 MKIV drum synthesizer into a modular format. The TRANSfourMER is a high-quality output module featuring four balanced XLR outputs.

Vermona Bass-Drum


Vermona has adapted the kick drum channel from the popular DRM1 MKIV drum synth into a Eurorack module, enhancing it with additional features for greater versatility in a modular setup.


The Bass-Drum module includes a V/Oct input with precise tracking over several octaves, along with three CV inputs for key parameters: Decay, Pitch, and Wave, each equipped with an attenuator. Additionally, it features a Dynamic input for dynamic triggering and a manual trigger button alongside the Trigger input.


Currently, the Vermona Bass-Drum is in the prototype stage, with pricing and release date yet to be announced.

Vermona TRANSfourMER

The second new module from Vermona, the TRANSfourMER, will be available shortly after Superbooth. This high-quality output module provides four balanced XLR outputs, ensuring top-notch signal quality for both stage and studio environments. The module is straightforward, without level controls, and guarantees suitable output levels.

Using the same high-quality transformers as Vermona’s TAI-4 I/O module, the TRANSfourMER effectively protects against ground loops and hum.

The Vermona TRANSfourMER will be available soon at a price of €389 (MSRP).


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