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Out West Piano Fest 2024 Set to Enchant

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Bathurst anticipates the return of Out West Piano Fest this Spring, promising a weekend brimming with exquisite piano performances complemented by the finest local cuisine and wines.

Now in its third year, the festival (25–27 October) will once again grace the grounds of Blackdown Farm, the idyllic 17-acre estate just beyond Bathurst, lovingly restored by acclaimed Australian artist Tim Storrier.

Under the artistic direction of pianist Konstantin Shamray, the festival lineup will showcase five themed concerts featuring esteemed Australian pianists Lee Dionne, Vatche Jambazian, and Grace Kim, alongside Shamray himself. Together, they will present a captivating repertoire spanning Mendelssohn’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite,” as well as works by Chopin, Liszt, Bach, Schumann, Mussorgsky, and Prokofiev. Imported concert grand pianos will grace the stage, ensuring a stellar musical experience for all attendees, with allocated seating available for each concert.

Shamray, renowned for his international performances with leading orchestras, expresses his excitement about curating this year’s festival: “As Music Director of Out West Piano Fest, I’ve had the privilege to craft a program that is both emotionally rich and diverse, alongside my talented collaborators. The picturesque setting, timing, and the unique artistry of each performer have guided our selection of repertoire, promising an unforgettable musical journey for our audience.”

Dionne, who divides his time between the US and Australia, brings a wealth of international experience to the festival. Jambazian, recipient of the Fine Music Station (2MBS) Young Performer of the Year award, and a finalist in the ABC Young Performer of the Year in 2015, adds his virtuosity to the lineup. Grace Kim, a Churchill Fellow and acclaimed concert pianist, rounds off the ensemble with her artistry and passion for music education.

With its blend of world-class performances and breathtaking surroundings, Out West Piano Fest 2024 is poised to captivate audiences and celebrate the timeless allure of piano music.

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