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Soul Rebels & James Carter Unveil ‘Rebelosis’ Premiere at Blue Note

by Madonna

The collaboration between The Soul Rebels and saxophone virtuoso James Carter reached a crescendo with the premiere of their electrifying track “Rebelosis.” The iconic venue, Blue Note, bore witness to their fusion of dynamic brass ensemble and Carter’s legendary funky horn prowess.

Hailing from the musical hub of Detroit, Carter’s journey in jazz has been nothing short of legendary. His mastery of saxophones and woodwinds has earned him acclaim among jazz greats like Lester Bowie, Frank Lowe, and Wynton Marsalis. His roots trace back to his early days under the mentorship of Donald Washington, where he honed his craft in the youth jazz ensemble, Bird-Trane-Sco-NOW!!

Carter’s ascent to jazz stardom was marked by pivotal moments, like his groundbreaking performance alongside Lester Bowie at the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1988. This catapulted him into the heart of New York City’s jazz scene, where he became a fixture known for embracing the entire spectrum of jazz, from dixieland to free jazz.

His collaborations with jazz luminaries and his prowess on the baritone saxophone have earned him multiple accolades, including DownBeat magazine’s coveted Critics and Readers Choice awards. Beyond his musical genius, Carter is also renowned as an authority on vintage saxophones, boasting an extensive collection of these iconic instruments.

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