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Uli Jon Roth Delves into the Roots of His Guitar Style, Reflects on Clapton & Hendrix Influence

by Madonna

Renowned as a trailblazer in neoclassical guitar, Uli Jon Roth’s impact extends far beyond his German roots, shaping guitarists worldwide. In a recent interview on “The Jeremy White Show,” Roth shed light on his musical journey and shared insights on fellow guitar legends.

Reflecting on his time with Scorpions alongside Michael Schenker, Roth attributed their unique playing styles to shared early influences, emphasizing melody as a guiding force. Classical music, Roth revealed, played a pivotal role in his artistic evolution, inspiring him to explore intricate techniques and virtuosity.

While acknowledging the dominance of blues tradition among rock players in his era, Roth emphasized his departure from convention, drawing from his classical background to elevate electric guitar performance. He emphasized the importance of melding technical prowess with melodic sensibility, eschewing chaos for structured emotion.

Despite his divergence from blues norms, Roth acknowledged the storytelling prowess of blues-based virtuosos like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. He praised their ability to imbue solos with narrative depth, citing iconic tracks like “Sunshine of Your Love” and “Axis: Bold as Love” as prime examples of musical craftsmanship.

For Roth, the essence of guitar soloing lies in its ability to complement and enhance the song, weaving a narrative that elevates the listener’s experience. In his quest for musical expression, Roth aims to craft solos that resonate uniquely while remaining integral to the overarching musical narrative.

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