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The Collaborative Genius of Clarinet Factory

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Hailing from the vibrant hub of Prague, Clarinet Factory unveils its newest masterpiece, “Towers,” showcasing their unparalleled prowess in reshaping the landscape of clarinet music worldwide. This Central European ensemble transcends conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending chamber music, folk, jazz, funk, and electronica into an exquisite sonic tapestry.

At the core of their latest offering is a relentless commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. “Towers” represents a departure from their previous work, “Pipers” (2020), as the ensemble delves deeper into instrumental compositions. The standout track, “Obloha šedá” (The Grey Sky), serves as one of the album’s two lyrical compositions, showcasing the ensemble’s masterful fusion of clarinets, drums, loopers, and vocals, creating a captivating blend of melody and atmosphere.

An integral part of the album’s sound is the virtuosic performance of guest musician Beata Hlavenková, whose nuanced piano and Fender Rhodes contributions add layers of depth and complexity to the compositions. Milan Cimfe of SONO Records Studio, collaborating once again with Clarinet Factory, plays a crucial role in shaping the album’s sonic landscape with his contributions on drums, samples, and electronic elements.

Explaining the album’s structure, band leader Jindřich Pavliš elaborates, “Towers” is conceived as a three-sided double LP, with each side offering a distinct mood. Side one features straightforward compositions and lively tunes, while side two takes listeners on a journey through various sounds and genres. Side three offers a serene retreat, inviting listeners to pause and immerse themselves in a different universe, creating a seamless progression from movement to serenity for those experiencing the album digitally.

Among the ensemble’s esteemed collaborators is drummer Daniel Šoltis, whose longstanding partnership with Clarinet Factory infuses the music with depth and dynamism, further elevating the ensemble’s sonic exploration.

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