Drummer’s Vision Threatened as Drumstick Fragment Strikes Eye During Performance

by Madonna

A drummer’s fate hangs in the balance as he awaits the outcome of an unfortunate incident where a broken drumstick fragment lodged into his eye during a gig.

Justin Hauck, celebrating his 31st birthday at a performance last Saturday night, found himself in a harrowing situation when, upon striking his snare drum for the final note of the evening, his drumstick snapped, propelling a piece directly into his right eye.


“The stick broke clean off, and then, the tip… must have ricocheted and struck my eye,” recounted Hauck. “It felt like a sudden flick, followed by a moment of shock realizing I couldn’t see.”


Hauck sustained a laceration and a ruptured cornea, necessitating urgent surgical intervention.


“There was unmistakably a puncture in my eye,” he recalled. “Fortunately, I received prompt medical attention. It was a surreal experience.”

Currently in recovery with stitches still in place, Hauck faces the uncertainty of potential future surgeries, with the hope of restoring his vision in the coming weeks.

“While I can perceive through my right eye, the vision remains distorted,” he acknowledged. “This incident will undoubtedly alter my vision permanently.”

Despite the ordeal, Hauck considers himself fortunate. With over two decades of drumming experience, he had encountered broken sticks before but never anticipated such a perilous outcome. Messages from fellow drummers expressing newfound concerns resonate with him.

“This won’t deter me from playing drums, but I’ll certainly take precautions,” he remarked. “Perhaps wearing protective eyewear during performances. I can’t afford to take chances. Knowing my luck, the left stick might find its way to my other eye.”

Hauck’s resolve to continue pursuing his passion remains undeterred, albeit with a newfound emphasis on safety measures.


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