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Manchester’s Piano Trail Returns in 2024

by Madonna

The vibrant collaboration between Manchester Jazz Festival and Forsyth Music Shop sees the revival of the mjf2024 piano trail, aiming to uncover Manchester’s hidden musical gems across the city center’s 14 street piano locations.

From iconic spots like Piccadilly Station to cultural hubs like HOME and Central Library, the trail promises to immerse participants in Manchester’s rich musical tapestry. Alongside the main event, Free Manchester Walking Tours will offer exclusive piano trail walking tours on May 18th and 19th, providing deeper insights into the city’s musical heritage.

Live performances on Saturdays in May, including pop-up gigs at Harvey Nichols and other locations, add to the trail’s allure, offering spontaneous musical encounters for passersby.

Mayor Andy Burnham underscores the city-region’s musical legacy, emphasizing the importance of initiatives like the piano trail in fostering community engagement with music.

Emma Loat, Manager of Forsyth’s Music, expresses excitement at expanding the trail to 14 venues, inviting aspiring musicians to showcase their talents and vie for exciting prizes.

As Manchester once again becomes a stage for impromptu musical expressions, the piano trail promises an unforgettable journey through the city’s melodic landscape.

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