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Zakes Bantwini’s Change of Heart Regarding Retirement

by Madonna

Zakes Bantwini, the acclaimed music producer who recently clinched a Grammy award, had previously announced his plans for early retirement following his Grammy win and the completion of his final project with Universal Music in 2023. However, after releasing his much-awaited album, “The Star is Reborn,” on December 8, 2023, his perspective shifted.

Reflecting on the therapeutic process of creating his latest album and the profound connection it fostered with his audience, Bantwini realized he still has much more to offer to the world through his music.

Expressing his newfound enthusiasm for collaborating with both seasoned and emerging artists, Bantwini announced plans for the Sikelela festival in Johannesburg, slated to coincide with Freedom Day. This festival, which aims to commemorate 30 years of freedom through music, promises a stellar lineup featuring artists such as the Scorpion Kings, Mi Casa, Kelvin Momo, and others.

Bantwini emphasizes the profound role that music plays in his life, crediting it with saving him spiritually, mentally, and physically on numerous occasions. For him, music is not just a profession but a calling that defines his very existence.

As he continues to chart his musical journey, Bantwini remains committed to celebrating freedom and unity through the universal language of music.

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