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Faculty Oboist Theresa Delaplain Presents Multimedia Concert Experience

by Madonna

Theresa Delaplain, assistant professor of music, has been awarded a grant from the Creative Arkansas Community Hub and Exchange (CACHE) to participate in the Mixtape series at The Medium. Her performance is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 17. The Mixtape series, part of the Creative Exchange Fund initiative, aims to transform The Medium in Springdale into a vibrant community hub, promoting professional artists, artist residencies, curatorial opportunities, and music development.

Delaplain’s concert, titled “Of Children, Mind, and Earth,” is a captivating exploration of social justice themes through a multimedia presentation for oboe and electronics. The program features two original compositions by Delaplain, including the premiere of “The Voices” for oboe and electronic track. Each piece in the program incorporates audio and/or video elements alongside live oboe performances, addressing issues such as children’s rights, mental well-being, and environmental concerns.

Expressing her intentions for the performance, Delaplain stated, “It is my hope that this concert will spark contemplation, ignite interest, and foster greater awareness of these critical topics.”

Admission to the concert is free, welcoming members of the public to experience this unique artistic endeavor. The performance will take place at The Medium, located at 214 S. Main St. in Springdale.

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