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Renowned Australian Piano Technician Ara Vartoukian Passes Away at 64

by Madonna

Australian piano technician Ara Vartoukian, aged 64, has passed away, as announced by his wife Nyree Vartoukian on social media. Described as a loving husband and father, Vartoukian’s dedication to his craft and family was deeply admired.

Growing up in Sydney, Vartoukian’s early passion for pianos led him to explore their inner workings rather than just playing them. He honed his skills through the Piano Tuning and Technology Course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and later became its head for five years.

Establishing his renowned piano store in Sydney in 1985, Vartoukian’s expertise extended beyond national borders, with his work taking him to concert halls worldwide. Renowned for his meticulous preparation and tuning of pianos, he was highly sought after, even serving as the head technician for prestigious events like the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition.

Pianists and colleagues alike remember Vartoukian as an essential figure in the classical music community, whose craftsmanship benefited countless performances across Australia and beyond. His contributions were acknowledged with the Order of Australia in 2016.

Survived by his wife Nyree and their two sons, Vartoukian leaves behind a legacy of excellence and dedication to the world of music, cherished by all who had the privilege of working with him.

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