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A Benefit Piano Recital Set to Support Owning House

by Madonna

This Sunday, April 14th, Owning House in Owning village near Carrick-on-Suir will host an afternoon of piano recitals featuring the students of esteemed pianist Quynh Shannon. Divided into two sessions, the first recital begins at 2 pm followed by the second at 4 pm.

Quynh Shannon’s students are privileged to receive instruction from a distinguished musician who has graced stages across the globe. Her journey started in Hanoi and continued through Germany, where she attained her second master’s degree with a focus on chamber music performance. Following this, she contributed her expertise as the piano instructor at Savannah State University in America for a decade before relocating to Ireland.

Eddie Reade, proprietor of Owning House & Retirement Village, expressed excitement for this upcoming event. “We were fortunate to witness the talents of Quynh’s students last December, and we anticipate another memorable performance this Sunday,” he remarked. Moreover, Reade revealed that the recital serves a dual purpose as a fundraiser orchestrated by Quynh to procure a new piano for the retirement village.

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