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Electric Circus with Darragh Morgan

by Madonna

Walled City Music and the Northern Lights Project proudly present Electric Circus with Darragh Morgan, an exhilarating lineup of contemporary music featuring violin and electronics.

Darragh Morgan, the esteemed Irish violinist, boasts an impressive resume as a soloist and chamber musician, having graced prestigious venues worldwide. His collaborations span an eclectic range of composers, from Scanner to Michael Finnissy. Additionally, Morgan serves as a member of the renowned Fidelio Trio and holds a PhD in Music from the University of Ulster.

Electric Circus, Ireland’s emerging contemporary music ensemble, focuses on the fusion of acoustic instruments with immersive 3D electronic sound. Spearheaded by the visionary Peter O’Doherty, Electric Circus commissions new works, fosters collaborative projects, and hosts artist residencies in the North-West of Ireland. O’Doherty, with a background in composition and contemporary performance, brings a wealth of experience to the table, having showcased his compositions across various international platforms.

Under the direction of O’Doherty, Electric Circus aims to push the boundaries of sonic exploration, offering audiences a dynamic and innovative experience at the intersection of acoustic and electronic music.

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