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Shabaka Unveils Mesmerizing Track ‘I’ll Do Whatever You Want’

by Madonna

Shabaka Hutchings, a renowned figure in British jazz, renowned for his contributions to Sons of Kemet, Shabaka & The Ancestors, and The Comet is Coming, is now embarking on a solo venture under the name Shabaka. His upcoming solo album, “Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace,” set to release via IMPULSE!, promises to captivate listeners with its unique soundscapes.

Recently, on March 21st, Shabaka treated fans to the second single from the album, “I’ll Do Whatever You Want.” This nearly eight-minute instrumental piece features collaborations with some notable artists. Among them are Floating Points and Laraaji, with André 3000 showcasing his flute prowess, following his jazz debut with New Blue Sun last autumn. Additionally, Esperanza Spalding enriches the track with her bass skills.

“I’ll Do Whatever You Want” unfolds gradually, inviting listeners into its intricate world. The initial moments build tension, accompanied by a dreamy synth melody typical of bedroom pop. Soon, Shabaka’s masterful performance on the shakuhachi flute, an instrument with a rich history spanning over four centuries, takes center stage.

According to Shabaka, the track delves into themes of surrender and the intimate spaces we find ourselves in when under the influence of desire. The ensuing seven minutes offer a profound journey, culminating in ethereal vocalizations that add depth to the narrative woven throughout the piece. With each listen, new layers reveal themselves, ensuring an enriching experience for the audience.

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