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Local Composers Unveil Chamber Music Masterpieces at Simon’s Rock

by Madonna

On March 31st, the South Berkshire Concert Series at Bard College, Simon’s Rock, will showcase the debut performances of chamber music compositions by local talents Larry Wallach and Alice Spatz. The ensemble, featuring Sangwon Lee on clarinet, Ronald Gorevic on violin, James Bergin on viola, Anne Legêne on cello, and Larry Wallach on piano, will also present pieces by renowned composers Darius Milhaud and Charles Ives. The event is open to the public at no cost.

Larry Wallach, renowned for his piano skills, demonstrates a profound connection with the clarinet in his composition “Klezmer-ish.” Despite not wielding the instrument, Wallach’s mastery is evident, with Sangwon Lee, Principal Clarinet of the Hartford Symphony, breathing life into the intricate score. The piece, while titled with a nod to klezmer music, challenges listeners to interpret its essence.

Alice Spatz draws inspiration from William Butler Yeats’ poem “To a Child Dancing in the Wind” for her chamber piece of the same name. Incorporating lines from the poem into the score, Spatz’s work reflects her multifaceted career as a composer, double bassist, and educator, spanning several decades of performances and collaborations.

Dr. Larry Wallach, occupying the Livingston Hall Chair in Music at Bard College, Simon’s Rock, brings a wealth of experience as a composer, performer, and scholar. His contributions to the music community extend beyond the stage, encompassing significant publications and accolades.

Joining the ensemble, Ronald Gorevic, esteemed violist and educator, enriches the performance with his extensive repertoire and collaborative ventures. James Bergin, a versatile musician and advocate for microtonal music, adds depth with his compositions and educational initiatives.

Anne Legêne, a virtuoso on cello and viola da gamba, enriches the ensemble’s sound, drawing from her rich background in early music performance and instruction. Together, these accomplished musicians promise an evening of exceptional chamber music at Simon’s Rock.

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